Extra 30 minutes of party time:  $50.00

Elaborately decorated custom theme oriented cake (30.00 -100.00)              

Pictures of many different choices and themes coming soon!

Royal Castle Bounce House: $125.00 for rental alone with delivery, supervision, and breakdown for up to 4 hours...
OR only $100.00 with the booking of any party package that does not already include it!
(5 -6 royal guests can jump at a time)
This commercial grade bouncer has a 900 pound weight capacity     
It's size is 13'WX13'LX12.5H                                             (a grass floor is preferred,a concrete floor will need extra protective tarps but we can do it!)
img  img

Theme Oriented Pinata filled with candy + 15 minutes extra time     $40.00

Chocolate Fountain Fondue Rental with all the dipping trimmings  $100.00 Trimmings include: marshmallows, strawberries (in season) , banannas, assorted fruit in season, graham crackers, and pretzels!                                                                                    If you have any other fondue dipping goodie ideas or requests....please let us know!!

Matching Thank you notes  $3.00 each

Extra Craft + 30 minutes: $50.00

Extra Activity + 15 extra minutes: $ 40.00 -$50.00

Face Painting + 30 extra minutes: $60.00                  

Balloon Artist: $75.00 for 1 hour                               

Theme oriented elaborately decorated gift table  $25.00

Satin Swagged Outdoor Fuchsia Scalloped Party Canopy (10X10)  $50.00 ea.

Girls Costume Rental: $ 10.00 per costume

Tea Party Fixins’ for the little ones: $80.00
Fun Shaped Finger Sandwiches : PB & J or Turkey and Cheese OR Chicken Strips
Mini Muffins, Fruit or Apples with Caramel, and Yougurt                          

Lemonade Punch or Sparkling Cider as the “Tea”.

Separate Elaborately Decorated Cake Table:  $25.00

Enchanted Bubble Maker: $35.00

Parents Party Table!!: $200.00

A 6’ table elaborately decorated with theme oriented linens. It will be adorned with beautiful platters filled with delicious food and drink. It is enough for 10 parents to feast and celebrate with choice of beverages (bottled water, sparkling cider, lemonade punch, soda pop, or juice and coffee) Cloth napkins and beautiful napkin rings, china plates, forks, spoons, and knives. Your choice of water glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, or large red goblets depending on your beverage choice(s). Wine or mimosas for a small extra charge! 10 chairs with satin chair covers and satin sashes for sitting, eating, and watching the little ones!

(40.00 extra for mimosas) $15.00 extra for each additional adult servings. 


        Mini Sandwich rolls, Turkey or Ham with cheese
              Fruit Platter /Veggie Platter
              Mini muffins OR mini bagels and cream cheese (your choice of flavors)
              Oriental Dumplings with Soy/Sesame dipping sauce
              Crackers and Cheese or Dip of your choice (Spinach or Seafood)
              Mushroom Risotto

              Crecsent Rolls with butter  

Finished off with a delicious batch of fresh,sweet,cupcakes in the flavor of your choice, filling up a great cupcake stand! We make sure that each adult may also partake of a sweet treat!

(icecream is also served if icecream is served for the children)

    If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know, sky is the limit!!

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